First Domain Subcommittee Meetings!

The first domain subcommittee meetings will be held over the next 2 weeks, with meeting times chosen based on participant availability: 


Waste Reduction: Tuesday 10/5 from 2-3 pm

Local Food: Thursday 10/7 from 2-3 pm

Water: Friday 10/8 from 3-4 pm

Native Habitat: Friday 10/8 from 4-5 pm

Energy & Buildings: Monday 10/11 from 6-7 pm

Transportation: Wednesday 10/13 from 3-4 pm


Teams will work together to identify stakeholders within their domain, power map, and start to gather information on what's already been accomplished locally before using that information to start determining goals and strategies to focus on. Teams will meet monthly for the remainder of the year, with individuals and small groups meeting in between to work on specific projects or tasks. 


It's not too late to get involved! Join a domain subcommittee, or for meeting details, email Piper at"